the secret of fonts

expert design tips with Karolyn Masters

fonts stressing you out?

We've got you! download our "the secret of fonts" PDF to find out the 5 Basic Font Rules and how you apply them to your marketing materials.

how many fonts?

So how many fonts is too many?
not enough variety can be boring yet too many can scare someone away! Find out how the "font rule of thumb."

font choice matters

Although it may seem like a small deal, font choices matter. Each has their own look and feel and they speak volumes with barely saying a word. Or two ...

who's your expert?

Karolyn Masters

Creative Director @ Tevao Creative Inc.

The difference between geniuses and other people is not so much raw artistic talent but mindset, mental habits and work ethic.

Karolyn Masters ticks all three boxes. And that’s what makes her a creative Einstein. 

What average people think of as “work”, Karolyn regards as play. So she approaches her work with an absolute joy and simply considers it fun.

While most people have to work at being “positive”, it is a mental habit so ingrained in Karolyn you know it’s fused into her DNA. She tackles difficult problems with such genuine zeal that you are on the edge of your seat to witness her creative dexterity.

See the difference ?

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our clients seem to think we know what we are doing...

Karolyn is a brand manager’s dream … she immersed herself in the guidance and delivered on-brand creative every time (at every marketing touchpoint) for the Marriott Residences Ambergris Caye Resort in Belize. She made my job easy–and she was a joy to work with.“

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